what is sql and my sql database?

In this article, you will know what is the database? What is SQL? What is MySQL Database? And how WordPress and MySQL database work together. This will give you a lot of new knowledge about WordPress and after knowing all this you will see it with a new perspective.

What is SQL?
The complete form of SQL is Structured Query Language. These are used to perform any operations on the language database. To understand this well, first you have to understand the database and queries.

What is Database?
First of all, you have to know what the database is:

In Wikipedia’s words, “Data stored on a computer system is called a computer database. These figures are collected while following a particular method. Based on these data a solution for any query (curiosity) can be obtained quickly. A special computer language is used to ask questions. Figures obtained as a solution for curiosity are helpful in making timely decisions. Computer programs that are used to store data on computers, manage them (adding data, changing, modifying, etc.) and ask questions based on numbers, they are called database management systems (dbms). ”

Note: Query word Query has been said in Hindi.
So Database is thus a system in which different types of data can be saved in the form of rows and columns in different tables, which can be fetched when needed in webpages and can also be stored in a data store. is. Now there are different types of data, such as MySQL Database, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase etc.

Connecting with the database is a very important thing, the query that you will need to know about is Query.

What is Query in Database Systems?
When we perform any operations in the database, we can see the instructions in the form of queries in the database. As an example, when we have to store any data in the database, the queries appear and when there is a data fetching, the database also contains queries.

Its a great example in Wikipedia’s words:

On the database of employees of an organization, it can be queried which employees are below the age of 30 years and whose income is more than Rs 3 lakh per annum.

The language of these queries is SQL. That is, we have to write the queries in the SQL language.

What is MySQL? What is the work in WordPress?
MySQL is a relational database management system so that we can create and manage the database. MySQL uses the WordPress database because MySQL is also free and open-source software like WordPress.

If you look at the classic way of installing WordPress on your web server or web hosting, then you have to create a database by going to MySQL’s phpMyAdmin interface and only after that you can install WordPress.

Nowadays all web hosting companies provide one click wordpress installation by doing all the work in automated ways backend and you do not even know. If you want to see this process, you can watch the video given below by us on our YouTube channel ShoutMeHindi:

April 13, 2019 Ravindra Datir

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